Historic downtown Massachusetts Street

About Lawrence

Founded by abolitionists in 1854, Lawrence, Kansas, has carried that tradition of freedom and individuality through the generations. Today, Lawrence remains a crossroads of culture, celebrating the artists and innovators that populate its history and create an unmistakable identity.

2020年世界杯预选赛赛程Start on Mount Oread, where you’ll encounter a campus resonating with excitement. Walk down the Hill and mingle with the crowds of locals and visitors bustling through downtown Massachusetts Street. Broaden your reach and explore the open air and outdoor activities within the city limits — and beyond.

2020年世界杯预选赛赛程That's Lawrence. Experience it with us.

Quick Facts


2020年世界杯预选赛赛程Lawrence population


2020年世界杯预选赛赛程Miles of trails and paths


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Music venues

Lawrence Life

Rollicking corner performances and live music venues. Eclectic, locally owned shops. Buzzing al fresco lunch spots. Celebrated art spaces. You're home.


Culture On the Hill

2020年世界杯预选赛赛程Whether you're catching a live show or checking out the latest student exhibition, it's clear that at KU, we embrace culture that promises to leave a mark on the world.

Get out and explore

2020年世界杯预选赛赛程Breathe the air, climb the hills, gaze at the stars. Go beyond the city life and see why Lawrence is a favorite among people looking to get out and get active.

Getting Around

In Lawrence, you’re never far from your destination. Our bus system can you get you almost anywhere in town, and we’re just a 45-minute drive to Kansas City International Airport.